The official countdown timer from Escape From New York.

About Us


The Lifeclock One is a fully licensed reboot of Snake Plissken’s watch prop from Escape From New York™, but with a twist. It’s a countdown timer of course, but it also tells the time and date, and best of all — it pairs with your iOS or Android device to push notifications from your favorite apps, as well as notify you of incoming calls and text message alerts. You also get a stopwatch, access to up to 8 world clocks, control over your smartphone’s camera shutter, step counting, a compass, and customizable daily alarms.

A viewing of the movie back in 2014 sparked the idea to make the Lifeclock One. While watching the movie, creator Jonathan Zufi thought: “How cool would it be to have a real Snake Plissken countdown timer?” He knew that if he did it right, he could delight fans of the movie and perhaps other lovers of unique timepieces and awesome gadgets.

The watch in the movie wasn’t real — it was a prop with limited functionality. Referred to as a “digital wrist watch” in the original script, the watch was made up of an oven kitchen timer stuffed into a metal enclosure. According to a thread at The Retro Prop Forum: “The body was custom made. All of the hero parts were cast metal. I think that we made 1 or 2 plastic ones and 3 rubbers. It also had a ribbon cable about 2 inches wide coming off of each hero.”

Based on our research, for the close-up scenes where the watch is activated, the unit was powered by an external battery pack with wires hidden underneath Kurt’s arm. In all other shots of the watch, it was simply a shell with a plastic screen and a leather strap. So, the prop was just that — a prop. The Lifeclock One actually works. We decided to balance the watch portrayed in the movie with a practical, highly functional timepiece that also supports capabilities never considered back in 1981 (or 1997).

We know that real prop fans take their craft very seriously and we respect that. We’ve worked hard to keep the watch as close to the movie as possible, but still make it attractive to fans who are looking for more functionality beyond a collectable or cosplay accessory. We feel confident that we have achieved a perfect balance, and the Lifeclock One will appeal as a faithful reproduction of Snake’s countdown timer.

Best of all — we’ve teamed up with Creative Licensing Corporation, one of the premier licensing agencies in the US, to help us secure a license with the owner of the movie, Studiocanal, who shares our excitement, and are fully behind us to do it right.

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